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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gripe of the Day (Guest Post by Marc Roth)

What are we teaching our kids today??  I’m amazed each morning that I’m either dropping my son off at Highlands Middle School or driving past one of the elementary schools and I get stuck behind parents that insist on stopping in the middle of the road to let their kids out.  Never mind that there are ALWAYS parking spots that the parents can swing their car into for 15 seconds to let their kids out and the cars behind to pass!

One morning this past week I had two cars directly in front of me stop in the middle of the road by the HMS crosswalk, let their kids out and waited for them to cross the street in front of them before continuing on.  NOT ONE…TWO!  After the first stopped and let their son out…they departed.  Then the second pulled up to the same spot and continued the process.  (Mind you, there were no other kids in the crosswalk at that time…it was just “more convenient” for the parents)  This worries me as it doesn’t teach the kids the discipline of understanding their surrounding and recognizing there are other people behind them.

What’s next??  Perhaps they can also teach their kids to stand on the moving walkway at the airport and not “allow people to pass you on the left.”  Or…teach them to not know that someone is coming behind them on the highway and just hang out in the left lane.

I need some ibuprofen!!   


  1. This is spot on. I went so far as to contact FTPD just to see if I was missing some Fort Thomas version of the "don't stop in the right of way" rule. They acknowledged it was an issue but don't have the manpower to solve this. It is surely a nuisance more than a major problem. My guess is the drivers that do this are utterly clueless that their desire to drop off their "precious cargo" as close as possible to school is really aggravating to those of us trying to transport our own precious cargo in a timely manner.

  2. Some education and supervision from school staff could stop this.

    But, now that my child is in his 13th year of Fort Thomas school attendance, I'm not holding my breath....

  3. It would be wonderful if the system that sends out the email notices to all the parents about the school closings and other important updates could send out a notice about proper school drop-off and pick-up procedures.

    I live on one of the side streets off of N. Ft. Thomas so we get caught in the Highlands traffic. Parents there do the same thing you spoke of where they stop in the middle of the road and let kids out without pulling over so they can cut through the church parking lot or walkway near Montrose. This causes traffic backups and makes it difficult for residents on the side streets to get out of our streets. It is also dangerous because there aren't crosswalks there and people aren't watching for kids crossing there.

  4. WELL SAID TO ALL... THE "ME, MINE, and who cares about anyone else " attitude is tragic and oh sooo hypacritical that it makes me laugh.....The kids of these parents are doomed to a life of cluless oblivion....

  5. You're doing it wrong! SOUTH TO DROP OFF!!

  6. relax! you all are going to die of heart attacks. It is ok to stop by the cross walk to let your kids out. I assume that safety is a priority for our kids? Its not like you wont have to stop in 3 more car lenghts for the other traffic? Let's just all swerve in and out all morning long and risk more accidents so the m,om and dads can get 5 more minutes at the water cooler before work. Move to the county and you wont have to be inconvenienced!

  7. It seems like it is the accepted procedure for parents to stop in the roadway, deposit their child, then continue on their way. This happens on Memorial Pkwy and all the side streets near HHS and HMS. I am not from here and can't believe the schools have such a lax drop off/pick up. Don't they care about the welfare of their kids? Driving through that area is a nightmare in the mornings and afternoons....and nothing will be done about it until someone is seriously hurt or killed.

  8. And there you go folks, the post right above shows that their time is more important than yours. But we all knew that, right?