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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mama on a Budget: Lowe's Build and Grow (by Jessica Duke)

What an ingenious marketing ploy the Highland Heights Lowe's has. They call it “Build and Grow” and it is a Saturday morning session a few times per month for children over two where you get to actually build different projects; this week was a Valentine’s Day card box. Of course the evil corporate genius behind this idea thought about it economically: 50 kids means 50 parents who may not have otherwise come to Lowe’s. Sheepishly buying in, we literally bought in and purchased stuff from Lowes we otherwise wouldn’t have. But we totally owed it to them, we got an awesome box!

Truthfully, though, it is a neat (and free) Saturday morning program. Knox was given an apron with his name on it, his own hammer, and the box kit. He really enjoyed using his “boom-boom” (hammer) just like “Bahdabudder” (Bob the Builder). It was really rewarding watching him work with his hands, practice fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and to watch his eyes light up when he realized he got to keep what he had built (and decorate it with stickers!).

Also, upon completing the project, he was given a certificate (now in the trash, honestly) and an iron-on patch with the name of the project on it. There were children at the workshop with close to twenty or thirty patches ironed on to their apron. Knox has been proudly wearing the apron and brandishing the hammer since arriving home and even helped Daddy check a box off his “honey-do” list.

Although Dad ended up doing most of the build and the Lowes-provided “helper” really just stood off to the side, and although the workshop area was a stack of lumber and not the easiest area to build in for adults (perfect height for children), it was a really enjoyable Saturday morning.

To find more information on these workshops, go to The next session is a “Rumblin Race-Car” on February 25th followed by a “Carnival Hoop” on March 10.


  1. We have had interest in these sessions, but have not gone since they indicate children should be in first grade to attend. Did Knox do okay with it all? If so, then I know it is good to go for my youngins...

  2. My kids have been going for a couple years now and the oldest is only 6 1/2 years old. Yep, we have had to help them hammer and what not but they still absolutely love it.