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Friday, February 10, 2012

Mark vs. Food - Part Deux

Yup, this ^ is the kind of thing I do on a Friday night. Actually, if you must know I'm hydrating in preparation for Cincinnati Beerfest tomorrow night. Can't wait.

So, we raised $250 for The Brighton Center at our first Mark vs. Food event at Raniero's Pizzeria in Cold Spring. That's on target of what I'm looking to do each time, but I still would love a corporate sponsor to match the money we raise to give them something significant.

Jeff Ruby, Andrew Whitworth, Omega Processing, Kroger, Remke/Biggs, Castellini, Hosea... I am looking at you! I have proposals into all of these people but haven't been able to break through. If our readers have a contact or suggestion, email me at

Our next installment of Mark vs. Food is next Sunday, February 19th at 2:00 at Tom + Chee at Newport on the Levy. I am challenging Mo Egger of ESPN 1530 to the Baker's Dozen grilled cheese doughnut challenge.

Should be a good time again, and I'd love to have you there! If you'd like to bring a personal donation to help me get to my goal this week, show up to Tom + Chee, eat a sandwich with me and drop a check. You'll be helping an organization that helps our community's needy.


  1. Two Questions:

    Is the money raised going to the Brighton Center again?

    Who should the check be made out to for donations?

  2. Hey Benny - Brighton Center again and checks can be written directly to The Brighton Center

  3. Mo Egger! How'd you pull that? That guy is great.