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Friday, February 10, 2012

Rossford Park Update (guest post by Stephanie Class)

Growing up on the mean streets of South Central Ft. Thomas, Rossford Park was often off my radar. We typically gravitated toward Highland Park or Tower Park to meet our outdoor needs. However, Rossford Park is quickly shaping up to be another great asset to our town’s park system. Don’t be surprised if you see folks from other parts of the city making their way to Rossford Park for some time in the great outdoors.

Here are some of Rossford’s latest updates:

When you first arrive at the newly improved park, you will notice a new parking lot. The lot has tripled in size and also allows for better traffic flow thanks to the circular drop-off area in the back of the lot.

The front entrance of the park (from the street) now boasts a shiny, new pavilion. This area includes bathroom facilities and benches. The design of the park’s various structures (bathrooms, shelters, dugouts, etc.) are similar to that seen in Highland Park and Tower Park, thus linking the city’s parks together.

Along with the pavilion area, the baseball fields now have new dugouts.

The park includes a paved path around the premises of the property, which is perfect for those looking to exercise outdoors.

The exercise junkies out there will love the new path as well as the abundance of stairs throughout the park. Those of us who believe you only need to run when being chased, the stairs may prove to be problematic. There is an off-street entrance in the front of the park, but is not directly accessible from the parking lot. The shelter entrance is easily accessible as well.

Need a place to gather up your friends or family for a picnic? Well, Rossford’s new shelter is sure to be one of the city’s hotspots once the park is complete. The shelter is quite large and sits adjacent to both the parking lot and the new playground equipment. Parents can enjoy time with other adults while also keeping an eye on their kids as they play.

It will be interesting to see if the park is indeed complete come fall, but either way, it is certainly a great addition to the city.

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