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Monday, February 20, 2012

Tolls & The Impact on 471

A blog post from the Business Courier on Friday suggested that there is growing momentum towards accepting tolls as a likely last resort for funding the construction of the Brent Spence Bridge replacement.

Since the region's future has a lot riding on a dependable bridge to carry all those cars through Cincinnati, I have followed all the twists and turns this project has taken.  Despite this interest, I generally haven't been too invested in the funding aspects of the project up until it appears that tolls are a serious consideration.

Don't get me wrong, I rarely if ever go across the BSB and am not bothered about dropping a few bucks into a toll booth from time to time but what concerns me (and possibly should concern others living in Campbell County) is the increased stress that 471 and the Big Mac bridge will see as a result.

I know what you are thinking - no one is seriously going to drive out of their way to save a couple bucks - especially with gas prices hovering between $3 & $4.  But as a former resident of Independence I had a choice  between equal routes in the morning - head up the hill from KY-17 to the Park Hills exit onto 75 or head across 275 to 471.  People facing the same choice will choose 471 during construction and after tolls.

Tack this on to a construction timeline that starts this spring with a massive resurfacing project, followed by a new exit reconfiguration for Newport / Bellevue and you may want to savor the lack of congestion and delays that you experience now when you travel on 471.


  1. They will most likely put tolls on all bridges to stop the hoards of folks from avoiding BSB.

  2. If it's going to be a toll bridge, how does that solve the bottleneck of extra traffic crossing the river?

    If that's the case, they might as well save their money, and keep it as is...