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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Your Next Fort Thomas City Council

The filing deadline for the city council race has come and gone and with six positions and six filers - I present to you your next City Council:

Tom Lampe
Eric Haas
Roger Peterman
Lisa Kelly

and drum roll please....

Ken Bowman
Jay Fossett

A nice upgrade to have a business owner and a former city manager in place of Doepker and Steller.  What do you think?


  1. Are write-in votes allowed? Because I certainly don't want to vote for Fossett.

  2. Fossett will be a great addition to our city council. No doubt about it.

  3. A couple of negative comments re: Fossett in a row. I have no problem posting a comment if you put your name on it, but if it's anonymous we can't keep posting them because it could easily be one person with a personal issue.

    An anonymous comment here and there is fine, but back-to-back-to back is where FTM draws a line.

  4. Maybe instead of complaining about candidates (unchallenged ones at that) it would be more beneficial for those with strong opinions to step up and run for the council themselves.

  5. I couldn't be happier with the entire council.
    Every one of them strongly connected to our city and dedicated (whether you agree or disagree with them) to working hard to better the city. Personally, I can't wait to see what insight Bowman (who does great work at his business AND with the festivals and Renaissance Board) and Fossett (with his legal background and experiences in Covington city administration) bring to OUR council.