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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fort Thomas Iconic Tournament Bracket


Our most local university, NKU, hasn't yet transitioned to Division I yet. This means that Fort Thomas as a community - set aside alma mater connections - have no real ties to March Madness, filling out bracket and cutting down the nets.

Until now.

Selection Sunday, which is today, means that the most printed document tomorrow morning will be the NCAA tournament bracket. Thousands of hours will be lost as hundreds of Fort Thomas employees pour over conference records, strength of schedules and bad losses, trying to reach the Holy Grail of March: the perfect bracket.

Our Fort Thomas Iconic bracket will not have any type of statistics you need to delve into. It's a gut feeling that'll drive it. There are some snubs who have been left out (Fort Thomas Pizza, Judy the Crossing guard, overzealous speeding tickets, etc), but that's how March Madness typically plays out.

It's just for fun, so if you get bogged down with the minutia of trying to decide who to put into the elite 8, take a minute and look at the matchups in the Fort Thomas Iconic Tournament Bracket (FTITB).

You can vote each matchup by making predictions on the bracket page (below), via the comments section or our Facebook group. Or using the polls here ----------->

If you are a business in the bracket, feel free to pander to your Facebook friends, Twitter followers or actual honest-to-goodness people you know to go to Fort Thomas Matters to make their vote known.

The first few rounds are going to be frenetic, so vote early, as we can't put all first round games on the same page, so each 16-team bracket will only be up a few days. Voting starts NOW! GO!

View the entire bracket here. (You have to register, but it's worth it. How can you not have a say in the 1 vs. 16 matchup for Mayor Mary Brown vs. The Renegade Deer?)


  1. Tracy Davis State Farm gets my vote!!

  2. I vote for Tracy Davis State Farm!