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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fort Thomas News to Start Your Week

Lets start with a picture that I captured this past week and that was replicated many times over across Facebook and Twitter around Fort Thomas on Thursday.  The presence of a magnificent double rainbow:

1. Fort Thomas Police issued a break-in warning last week.  They indicated there had been 15 break-ins (no time frame was given but I assume they were all recent) and all but one involved cars with their doors unlocked.  They remind everyone to please lock their cars and report anyone suspicious walking around at night.

2. We mentioned recently about the playground equipment that re-appeared recently at Highland Park.  While they are a bit misplaced across the street it is nice to have them back at the park.  We also learned this week that the city is adding a nice trail to Highland Park.  The trail will be over a mile long and have a section that will split off to connect with Ohio Ave.

3. Recent (not sure if currently) resident and now former Bengal, Andre Caldwell signed with the Broncos this week.  Big congrats to him since he will now be a part of a receiving corp getting passes from Peyton Manning.

4. Wingstop, a chicken wing chain, is trying to expand rapidly in the Cincinnati area and they have tabbed Newport as a priority location.  This makes me wonder if they are eyeing the Newport Pavilion.  While I haven't seen anything updated on the site map it is a logical option - just not sure what type of retail locations this franchise likes to lease.

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