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Monday, March 12, 2012

Mark vs. Food Part 3 This Thursday!

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This Thursday Mark vs. Food will be at Arnie's on the Levee to raise more money for The Brighton Center. The Brighton Emerging Leaders group, in conjunction with Rewind 94.9 and Fort Thomas Matters, is kicking off March Madness right.

For every person that comes to Arnie's, Bill Head and crew will give a dollar to The Brighton Center. Add the $250 corporate sponsorship for Mark vs. Food, and we should have a good start on helping our community's needy a little bit more. Make sure you come in between 6-9 to get credit for The Brighton Center.

Through three events, we have raised $1,250.

My partner in crime and fellow gorger, Will Chambers, will once again be joining me as we represent the skinny kid junction. We are taking on veteran food challenger and Kentucky Mr. Football, Patrick Towles, as well as one of his favorite targets and fellow University of Kentucky committ, Austin "Ozzy" Sheehan.

Because Arnie's doesn't currently have a food challenge, we've been able to somewhat collaborate with them to help create it. At this point, all I know for sure is that it'll be a lot of food and that it'll incorporate their new food menu.

I've been lobbying to name it. Wait for it........

Collier Mama. Phonetically: (Call-yer Mama).

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