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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mio's Opens! (pictures)

The long awaited opening of Mio's couldn't have been more perfect. Amazing weather, St. Patrick's Day, and eager basketball fans welcomed Mio's into the Fort Thomas community with open arms. As of 4:00 they had sold 100 buffets, and it got even more crowded into the night.

My new claim to fame is buying and imbibing Mio's first beer. A Samuel Adams Alpine Spring. Delicious.

My belief is that the piece of property situated on the corner of Fort Thomas Ave and Highland Ave is not only Crossing Guard Judy's domain, it's an important property for the city. And it's wonderful to have business owners at Mio's that get that.

After talking with owners Mark Fowler and Allen Harless, I got the feeling that they understand our community a little better. Having local kids as employees (as well as providing some of the entertainment like last night) is a great idea. They are fully engaged with every aspect of the restaurant and understand that service - especially at 15 North Fort Thomas Ave - is a cornerstone for a long-standing, thriving business.

"It may not make sense financially to overstaff the way we are going to early on," said Fowler, "but good service - overservice - is something that is very important to us."

The food was awesome as well. Although I was kicking myself for giving pizza up for lent, Fowler promised us a stuffed pizza challenge was on the agenda for an episode of Mark vs. Food. Can't wait.

Mio's first beer! My bride rolling her eyes in the background, ordering beer number 2.

Upstairs drink station.

Downstairs dining room. 72" TV.

Downstairs bar. From memory on draft: Stella, Samuel Adams, Flying Dog as well as 3-4 others.

Upstairs kids dining room. Complete with chalkboard paint on the bottom parts of the walls.

Co-owner Mark Fowler with his nephew.

Getting later. Patio is full.

HHS students come to watch fellow student, Carter New, play on the patio.

Fellow HHS football players join Carter on stage.


  1. Is there smoking?

  2. Went for lunch on Wednesday. The antipasta? salad was very good. The service was terrible took over 2 hours to get in & out. Hopefully it was just the new business jitters & things will get better as the staff is more familiar with the operation.

  3. Hello, just a follow-up on the 2 comments here. There will be no smoking inside the Fort Thomas Mio's. Period.

    We did have one day where the service fell well below acceptable standards. It was the Wednesday mentioned by the commenter. We made staff changes to eliminate this problem going forward and yes, new staff, new kitchen, new computers all hurt us that day:-) We will always try harder!
    Mark Fowler, Owner Mio's Fort Thomas.

  4. Thanks for offering another non smoking restraunt option to Cambpell county. Having a family with small kids this is very important to my wife and i when we choose dining options. I spend most of my restraunt $$$'s in Ohio Because of this. We will be stopping in frequently.