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Friday, April 20, 2012

Fire on the Avenue Tonight

I had to park on Fort Thomas Ave tonight as the street was shut down due to a fire in the old 3 French Hens building right next to the city building.

Thankfully no one was apparently hurt but the main street in town was blocked for a couple hours.  I did speak to one of the residents who lived there.  She was not home at the time but her daughter was and she indicated it took 20 minutes from the call until water was applied to the fire despite being next door to the fire department.  I doubt she had an actual timer but she was clearly not happy with the response.

The picture above is of a fire truck parked behind the structure from an entrance on Lumley Ave.  The picture below is of an officer directing foot traffic around the site and the bottom picture is a close-up of the roof after the fire was doused. 

UPDATE - the fire was apparently started by a cigarette, which may have had something to do with the resident's perception of the time it took to apply water to the fire.

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  1. This was an electrical fire you cannot put water on this type of fire until the power is off. If you do the volts come down the water stream and kilsl the firefighters and destroys the fire truck.