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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fort Thomas Mid-week News Update

I am a little late on this update and I started writing this while in New Orleans watching UK bring home their 8th championship.  Obviously I was distracted so here they are:

1. There have been rumors of a possible move of DEP from the Fort Thomas Plaza to the old Moore's Hardware store on the east side of 471.  While it would give them more control over the space and larger space I wonder how the parking and entry and exit will be.

2. Sanitation District 1 has a rate increas that goes into effect on May 1st. It should add about 17 cents / day to your bill on average.

3. There was a cool story in the Enquirer about Route 8 with cool stories about those that have been inspired from the highway. Have you had any inspirations from a drive down Route 8?

4. Local realtors Comey and Shepherd have added Fort Thomas to their annual luxury homes market analysis.  This is a bit of an endorsement of our real estate market and provides additional visibility that could come in handy for sellers.  They define luxury in Cincinnati as anything over $500K.  Interestingly, there were 8 such sales in 2011 with a median price of $700K.

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