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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

FTPD Annual Report Stats: Non Traffic Charges

(Click the chart to view it larger)

Last week we dissected the traffic charges given out by FTPD. Some of the highlights:

  • Of the 1480 citations were issued. 2600 written warnings were given.
  • Only 354 citations were issued for speeding. Anecdotal evidence would suggest more.
  • 106 DUIs were issued.
Non-traffic citations. Again, going back to anecdotal evidence, I expected to see more burglary and theft citations issued. Looking back on it, however, it seems as if those are the only crimes that routinely get reported through "old school" news. In total, only 24 citations were issued for theft and burglary.

By far, drug and alcohol related citations made up the majority. Of the 749 charges, 357 were drug and alcohol related. 241 warrants were served which made up another big majority.