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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Northern Kentucky and UK Basketball

As many of you know Mark and I are big UK basketball fans and if you are too then you may be familiar with the uproar that started today when Coach Calipari and a bus full of staff started a tour of the state of Kentucky to show off the National Championship trophy.  To see more about this tour including pictures from today's stops visit the following links on

and Here

How does this apply to Fort Thomas and Northern Kentucky you might ask?  When the schedule was announced Northern Kentucky was mysteriously absent from the list.  Stops in Lexington, Louisville, Eastern Kentucky, and Western Kentucky were included but nothing north of Lexington.

I didn't think a lot about it when I saw the list initially but then a crescendo started to build throughout the day.  First I noticed it on comments on KSR, then I started reading Twitter messages with comments such as "Northern Kentucky is Big Blue Nation too".  Then on my drive home Mo Egger was imploring Coach Calipari to call in and add a tour stop in NKY from his 3PM radio show on 1530.

Even Jared Lorenzen got in on the act:

While I would love to be able to swing by and touch the trophy or even get my picture taken with it I am not ready to jump on that bandwagon.  I count myself satisfied that we have a coach that gets it enough to spend a few days driving around the state making himself and the trophy accessible to everyday Kentuckians.

Besides, I believe that if a stop were added in... say Florence.... I would wager a guess that only a few hundred would show up.  We are too busy shuttling our kids to practice or working late to take the time to wait in line and possibly still not get a one on one interaction with the coach.  Contrast that with mountain towns (of which I came from one) where literally three thousand people showed up and it is clear they lack the access that many of us in Northern Kentucky have the resources to provide on our own.

I do however, think this is about more than basketball and it just happens to be the flash point that many Northern Kentuckians have decided to dig their heels in on.  Everyone here has spent decades being the red-headed stepchild to Cincinnati, getting the shaft from Frankfort, having to pay more for education as we pay for the rest of the state.  We are tired of being forgotten, getting no news coverage from the area media, and getting the jokes from our snobby Cincinnati suburban co-workers.

What do you think - is this the hill we should die on or do we pick another fight?

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  1. I think that more than a few hundred would show up. I think it is rotten that NKY is not on the tour.