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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Olde Fort Pub Wins FTITB Title!

The Olde Fort Pub is this year's first annual Fort Thomas Iconic Tournament Bracket. Congrats to them and their loyal fans and followers who took on mighty Highlands High School in the finals. Over 2,500 votes were cast through the tournament.

I would have posted this Monday night, but I am just now done celebrating Kentucky's 8th National Championship.

On the way to the championship game, The Pub had to go through the Campbell County Library, Cake Eaters, The Midway District, Fort Thomas Police and of course, juggernaut Highlands High School. The full tournament bracket results are below. Click the images to see them in detail.

Can't wait to do it next year. For winning, the Olde Fort Pub will get an ad on our site for a month.


  1. Billy Idol - your comment has been posted on the FTM FB page. To see the comments on it, join the conversation on FB. Bet you won't though.

  2. Iggy Pop/Billy Idol/Joey Ramone/ whoever - I have a proposal for you. You reveal yourself and I will let you pick my writing topics for a week. 5 stories. And I will allow you to veto a posting topic for the next two weeks.

    So what say, you? You going to continue to hide behind your 80s rock aliases? Or are you going to man up and control the content I post for the next week.

    Choice is yours.