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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Morning Hot Links

- The FTITB winners, the Olde Fort Pub is hosting a benefit for victims of the recent tornadoes in the counties. The Sleeping Dogs are providing entertainment. Raffles, door prizes, etc. Should be a really great time for a great cause.

- Talk around town on the first few weeks of Mio's being open and the opinions are mixed. I have been talking with one of the owners, Allen Harless, who had this to say, "We have just been so busy and had a few hiccups along the way. Each day is getting better. (We) need a couple more weeks of training and organizational projects to iron out all the kinks in the building."

Let's hope they get the service/kitchens issues ironed out sooner, rather than later.

- The Summer Entertainment series has been out for a while and FTM has reported on it. Here' s a little more information on these events.


  1. I really do hope Mio's gets their issues worked out. It will be so nice to have a family restaurant on the corner again, but we haven't ventured there yet due to several friends having had bad experiences there in the first couple of weeks they have been open.

  2. Please give Mio's some time to get the problems worked out. They currently have two pizza ovens and it takes 3 minutes to get one pizza through the oven. This doesn't include prep time. Allen says that they have been hit with 40 people sitting at one time on the patio and the oven simply can't keep up with the demand. They are looking at options to improve the speed of service.
    Food is good and the staff seems to be excellent.