Thursday, May 10, 2012

Additional Items of Interest

The news seems to be coming fast and furious these days. A few more updates:

1. While all the attention has been on Andrea Conners a highlight for Fort Thomas schools went un-noticed. US News & World Report ranked Highlands as the fifth best high school in the state and perhaps more importantly #431 nationally.

2. Speaking of Andrea Conners, she was formally charged today. Here is a rundown of all the coverage from area media. It is basically the same story so click on one and you pretty much know the latest.

3. With all the construction going on around 471 it has likely given you a headache at some point over the past couple weeks as you have attempted to get around Northern Kentucky. But there is some good news to all this road work. In addition to getting a quieter highway they are also planning to add an additional late to the southbound ramp to 275 West. This should alleviate some of the backups going south in the afternoon.

1 comment:

  1. There was a time when Highlands was considered the best high school in Ky. Even if you threw out Brown School and Manual because they are magnet schools, Beechwood and South Oldham still rank higher. Instead of celebrating #5, why aren't you asking why isn't Highlands #1?