Monday, May 7, 2012

Exclusive to FTM Readers: Discounted “Mommy and Me” class at Kaleidoscope Dance Company

Mama on a Budget Series - by Jessica Duke

Supposedly for little boys, a background in dance can help footwork in football, soccer, basketball, or a myriad other “manly” sports. For my son, it seems to help his spirit more than anything! Sure, he has a mean right arm with both a baseball and football and has already perfected the drag back turn and step-over soccer moves, but when it comes to dancing and movement, he has an irrepressible and natural love. That is why last spring, Knox and I took a “Mommy and Me” dance class at Kaleidoscope Dance Company (KDC) in the Midway district in Fort Thomas and why we are signing up for the session beginning this June 9 (Saturdays 10-11 am).

Prior to my first class, I expected an hour of loud music and flash-dancing but this was really not the case; in fact, I left my first class slightly disappointed because there was minimal time to allow the children to creatively dance on their own. Classes focus on learning to walk on tip-toes, crab walk, pencil rolls, learning to point toes alternating between right foot and left (and even learning the difference), and other movement and mechanics.

When I got home, I switched to Insight Channel 867 (Dance Clubbin’) and Knox and I danced our hearts out vowing not to go back. Until, I saw him walking on his tip-toes and pencil rolling proudly and I realized the importance of learning different types of movement in an enjoyable class format.

The class size is typically about five moms and their children and is limited to age six months to three years. Obviously, this is a big age gap but since mommies (or daddies) are always present, it does not overwhelm the younger children. There is one KDC instructor who was very effective in leading the class and making it enjoyable for everyone involved.

The price for the six-week session is $40 but Lindsey Smith, the owner, is offering a special for FTM readers for the class for $30, just mention FTM. In addition, KDC, which began in 2005 offers numerous other classes including a FREE Zumba class for adults, Wednesday nights 7-8 pm (just pre-register by June 2). To view their entire class schedule ranging from summer dance camps to “Senior Dance and Fall Prevention” classes, go to Hope to see you on your tippie-toes!

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