Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fort Thomas Mid-week News Update

With the Andrea Conners situation grabbing all the attention this week there are other news stories to discuss...

1. A new coffee shop is coming to town. A lease has been signed on the old Three French Hens location. Fort Thomas Coffee will be a very exciting concept that will be owned and operated by a Fort Thomas family. I will have a full press release to publish next week but this should be a great new gathering spot for the community.

2. There was a profile of Trinity's football team on ESPN and Highlands got a shout out in the piece as "Another Kentucky Team to Watch". The brief post discusses the prospects for the 6th in a row.

3. The Farmer's Market started back up today - any thoughts from readers on new options or the turnout for the first market of the year?

4. I have had many comments about the 'butchered' trees along Memorial Parkway. I assume this is just the normal spring trimming but the city or state did a real number on the trees. Turns out we are not the only community that got a little "ambitious" as Boone County residents feel their regular maintenance went a little too far as well.

5. Don't forget the Texas Hold'em Tournament at St Thomas to benefit the school this Saturday.

1 comment:

  1. The state did this. Anyone that travels this road would have seen the State tractor working or parked on Memorial last week.