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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mark vs. Food Saturday, 6/16 vs. The Cincinnati Rollergirls (modeled by Jenn Hardin)

(Next Mark v. Food Challenger (?) The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Todd Frazier

Mark 3 - Food 0.

I'll be taking my undefeated record in food challenges to Izzy's in Florence this Saturday, 6-16, at 1:00.

We'll be taking on the Izzy's 110 Reuben Challenge, which was featured on Man vs. Food Nation. Adam Turer, who attempted the challenge on Adam Richman's show under his tutelage, will be joining the Mark vs. Food team, along with Darrin, Ben and I.

The 4 Cincinnati Rollergirls, who no doubt could kick our asses, will be bringing their appetites with them to take the FTM crew on and raise money for The Brighton Center.

We'll have some door prizes as well, including $25 gift codes to Side note, if I were you and I won the gift code, I'd get the shirt above, modeled by none other than Fort Thomas' resident pastry chef and model, Jenn Hardin, of Cinsational Sweet Treats.

Todd Frazier is the next Chuck Norris.

Anyway, here's more information on the challenge. If you'd like to donate money to Mark vs. Food, which benefits The Brighton Center, contact me via email.

All About the Challenge

: 110 Reuben Challenge

History: For the 110th anniversary of the restaurant, Izzy's wanted to do something quirky and different that honored Izzy Kadetz's spirit. He was a character who was loud and loved to banter with his wife. He charged people for their lunch by how much he thought they could afford.

Ingredients: The 110 Reuben Challenge is a huge sandwich that needs to be eaten in 30 minutes along with the jumbo side order of Izzy’s own kosher sliced pickles. Here's what makes up the sandwich: a super-sized potato pancake, 1-lb. of Izzy’s Famous Corned Beef, a colossal pile of sauerkraut, imported Swiss cheese -- all on a gigantic poppy seed oval loaf.

Attempts & Successes: 50 people have tried to complete the challenge, but only 5 have been successful.Will Adam Turer be one of them? Tune in to find out!

Winners Receive: If you are successful you get your money back, plus a T-shirt and a photo on the Wall of Fame. If you aren't, you get a button that says "I Attempted the 110 Reuben Challenge."

Other Food Challenges: Izzy's doesn't have any other food challenges, but they do hold fun events, such as a potato pancake-eating contest at local colleges. And don't worry, the 110 Reuben Challenge will stick around even after Izzy's 110th anniversary year is over.

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