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Saturday, June 30, 2012

This Sucks!

During one of the hottest stretches on record this is the map of outages in the Cincinnati Duke Energy service area.  Yesterday's storm couldn't have come at a worse time - and notice the large number of blue dots in the Fort Thomas area.

This afternoon areas in Fort Thomas that did have power for most of the day went back out again.  Grand from 471 to Highland was one such area and there were others.

Duke Energy has indicated that these outages could be in place until July 2nd - 2 more days of blistering heat without air conditioning can be dangerous.

Please be sure to check on elderly neighbors and provide water or shelter if needed.  And if you are one of the lucky ones in the Fort, Campbell County, or Cincinnati area then count your blessings.


  1. I had power through the storm and all day today. Lost it at 7pm. My 8 month pregnant wife is not happy.

  2. A Fort Thomas policeman explained it to me years ago: When there was Union, Light, Heat & Power for Kentucky, and CG&E in Cincy, they both had numerous crews, and could respond quickly. When they merged, CG&E laid off a bunch of the crews, figuring that the remaining folks could take care of the entire area. Then Cinergy came into being, and to cut expenses, they halved crews again. Then Duke bought Cinergy, and the crews got halved again. So now Duke issues press releases bragging that they’re bringing in all these external contractors from other areas to help, like they have a choice. So the big got bigger, the service got suckier, and the public gets screwed. Kinda like banking . . .

  3. Right, because unions always make things better and more efficient, and more cost effective.