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Friday, June 29, 2012

Van Damme It's Friday Links

It's Friday! It's hot! And the storm is over. Speaking of that storm, that really escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand fast.

Had to get The Anchorman reference in there. Anyway, as I look out onto North Fort Thomas Ave, I'm sure my view of downed branches and strewn leaves aren't unique. Even though the storm seemingly came out of no where, it left in its wake hundreds up people in Fort Thomas without power.

Including two Fort Thomas businesses. Here are their FB statuses:

Update: We are without electricity and have closed for the evening. We will check again late tonight and early tomorrow and determine when we can open. Please check back here and/or our website for more information and updates. Thank you and we hope you and your family are doing well through this weather.

Friday night, Mio's is now closed. No power so we had to shut the doors. We actually had power after the transformer explosion down the street (loud!). But I guess Duke had to shut us all down to fix the issue. Bummer!


- The 5 person FTM crew finally concluded our NKy's Best Pizza Quest last night at Mio's, so be on the lookout for that soon.

- While we are on the Facebook kick, a tip from one of Fort Thomas Matters' advertisers, Birkley Services - for all your heating and cooling needs. 781-5500:

So, the temperature has been in the 100 degree range. There is a good chance your air conditioner will not keep up. Even if everything is in perfect working order. Here are some things you can do to help. Change/clean your air filter. Make sure ALL vents are open and unobstructed. If the coils on the outdoor unit are dirty, hose them off. Close your blinds. Don't fire up the oven. Turn off anything in your house that can produce heat if you don't need it on. Lights, computers, TV,s, etc...all the little things add up quickly in this heat.

- From friends of the blog, Fort Thomas Provides, who need volunteers for tomorrow's Independence Day celebration:

We need a few more people to help out with the Fort Thomas Independence Day Celebration this Saturday, June 30th, from 3pm – 10pm. Duties include: selling tickets for the rides and directing people to park. If you can spare 1-2 hours, please let me know.

You can contact them via FaceBook or LinkedIn.

- Trying to decide whether or not I want to get beat by 2-time defending Olde Fort Pub Hot Dog Eating Contest Winner, Joe Peter, next Wednesday at the Olde Fort Pub. I've done it twice before, and come in second, two times. But Joe is a lean, mean hot dog-eating machine. If I get a sponsor, I'll be down. Any takers?

Either way, it's always a good time and you should experience it at least once. This will mark the 6th annual competition and starts at 3:00.

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