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Monday, July 23, 2012

2011 General Services Department Annual Report

Recently, the 2011 General Services Department Annual Report was compiled to summarize the projects performed by this important but often unnoticed department of the city.  While this was no Fifty Shades of Grey, it was still a very interesting read.  As the report contains a wealth of information, it will be discussed in two separate posts; this one will highlight the report as a whole and give my Mama’s review of Rossford Park. The next post will review Tower Park and Highland Park.

The General Services Department oversees the ongoing construction projects including granting of permits for residential construction, new construction, signage, zoning variances and even the parks.  The following are some interesting statistics from the report:
1)   Two new subdivisions are in the planning stages: one off Mel Lawn and a second off Grand Avenue
2)   Twenty zoning variances were requested with 18 approved
3)   Sixteen new trees were planted and Fort Thomas was named a Tree City USA for the 20th straight year
4)   178 building permits were granted with over $38,600 in fees collected as a result (and 6 new residential pools if you’re looking for a new swimming hole)
5)     $6,593,592 in construction costs for 10 new residential construction projects (14 homes as one project was a 5-unit townhome, compared to 21 new homes in 2010), 40 residential remodeling permits, and 4 commercial remodeling projects including $113,402 spent on St. Elizabeth hospital, $400,000 by the schools, and $60,000 for New Garden Restaurant.
6)   95 violation complaints were received for projects violating ordinances but only one of these was referred to the court system
7)   116 Garage/Yard sale permits were issued
In addition to the private construction and permits that were issued, the General Services department also undertook and oversaw some Capital Improvement projects as approved by the city which saw the resurfacing of 11 streets ($200,311 in cost), sidewalk construction, and the three major park renovations ($3,829,125 in total construction cost). 

As one can clearly see, it has been a busy year for Capital Improvements and construction for the City of Fort Thomas.  FTM highlighted the changes taking place at Rossford Park in the north end of town in a post by Stephanie Class.  However, Knox and I lived them!

The fully renovated park now contains a fully irrigated baseball/soccer/football field, a playground, restrooms, picnic shelter, parking, walking surfaces, practice fields, basketball court, and one huge slide.  The playground is really neat, integrating natural elements and gradation of the surrounding area, and offering unique and fun play opportunities.  Obviously, the main draw is still the baseball field but the playground with a turf fall surface and the huge picnic area and bountiful parking makes this a great place for a family party or company softball outing.  From “minimal, antiquated facilities and under-utilized potential” to a fun and functional family recreation park, the Rossford renovations were a job well done.

Rossford Park Play Area

Rossford Park Play Area

Rossford Park Baseball Fields

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