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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Marshall Granger Jewelers Shutting its Doors

After 53 years located at 18 N Ft Thomas Ave in the Hiland Building, Marshall Granger Jewelers is permanently closing their doors in Fort Thomas. The jeweler, which was founded in Cincinnati in 1944 and later moved to the Fort Thomas location in 1959, will be relocating to Cold Spring.

It is always unfortunate when, despite the best efforts of the Fort Thomas Business District, a business moves elsewhere. This situation is especially unfortunate because the business is an the established, prosperous, and upstanding business that benefits our community greatly.

However, according to the sales representative with whom I spoke, it was NOT Marshall Granger’s decision to move. Per my source, the landlord of the Hiland Building forced the well-known jeweler out.

The landlord had, allegedly, been engaging in behavior that was stifling Marshall Granger’s business. Let me preface these statements by highlighting the use of quotations. Some of these activities include "refusing to allow them to use the back parking lot, even going so far as to tow customers’ vehicles and/or calling the police to ticket their customers." The issue to move out of Fort Thomas, per Marshall Granger, was not monetary but behavior-based; Mr. Granger has even taken the issue to court and the case was decided in his favor but the behavior has, allegedly, continued.

Marshall Granger has been looking for a new place for his jewelry store for more than three years due to these ongoing landlord/tenant issues. He has delayed the move for “sentimental reasons” since his father, Carl Granger, was so committed to our community. However, they feel that due to the alleged and ongoing actions of their landlord, they felt they had no real option for their business besides the move.

Their new location will be at 3955 Alexandria Pike and they will be having a moving sale through July 21st for“preferred customers” where savings of up to 60% will be available.

Let’s bid farewell to this Fort Thomas businessman and be sure to welcome them in their new Cold Spring location.

Author’s Note: As of time of publishing, my phone calls andvoicemail to the leasing office for The Hiland Building at 18 N. Ft Thomas Avewent unanswered and unreturned.


  1. Congrats on Jess for scooping all other media outlets on this story. Great work!

  2. Call council member Lisa Kelly, she is the property manager of the Hiland building. I'd like to hear a response.

  3. This is so disappointing and sad for our community.

  4. I know Lisa always tried to keep the peace up there. Whatever went on had nothing to do with her.