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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Easy Like Sunday Morning Links (Towles-apalooza)

- Patrick Towles has started summer practice in Lexington at the University of Kentucky after finishing his first summer school session and he is starting to make some noise. As a true freshman Quarterback in the SEC, the odds that he could come in and start right away are pretty slim. But Lexington is starting to realize what Fort Thomas already knows.

This kid is special. If anyone can do it, Patrick can. And I for one think he will. Here are a few clips from media outlets regarding Patrick during UK's media day:

- On his performance at the Fan Day, via Kentucky Sports Radio and Ally Tucker:

Patrick Towles looked good in the routine passing drills, but once the defenders were added he showed a bit of inexperience and perhaps nervces.Towles threw two picks, including one on his first throw of the evening. Max Smith also threw a pair of picks, and seemed to struggle a bit with accuracy overall. For Towles’ part, Joker Phillips had positive commentary following the practice on his play. Phillips liked his confidence and the way he commanded the huddle. But Phillips also seemed happy with Newton’s play, and reminded everyone once again that the competition is alive and well.

- Patrick surrounded by a throng of reporters, via his sister @BekahTowles's instagram:

- Probably my favorite clips, probably because I've said the exact same thing in the past, again from Ally Tucker of KSR:

Patrick Towles has “it.” Whatever “it” is that some big time players have when it comes to how they handle the media and situations like this morning, he has. And lots of it. Towles appeared very comfortable in front of the swarm of media members who coveted his sound bites. He sounded like a seasoned veteran with his answers. The spotlight has been on this kid for a long time, and he knows how to handle it. He looks the part. He acts the part. It will be interesting to see if he gets the chance to play the part this season or if we will have to wait a while for the Towles era to begin. I don’t think there is any doubt though that by the time he leaves Kentucky, he will be a very special and memorable player.

- From Brett Dawson, of Kentucky Rivals:

Joker Phillips, UK Head Coach: Want to make a QB decision "as fast as we possibly can." Wishes decision was made, but it's not. Towles "figures in it a lot."

From Kyle Tucker, of the Louisville Courier Journal:

If Friday’s University of Kentucky football media day was a movie, freshman Patrick Towles would have been cast in the role of star quarterback. The 6-foot-5, 242-pound grandson of Baseball Hall of Famer and retired U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning, Towles kept his chest puffed and square chin high as he towered over a swarm of reporters all essentially asking the same thing: Are you ready for this?

“Bring it on,” he said. “I’m ready for it.”

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