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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fort Thomas - Weekend News & Notes

It has been an eventful week around the Fort – Andrea Conners was sentenced (here is a CBS News article on the story as well), a new coffee shop opened, and Fort Thomas Schools is planning for new testing standards.  I don’t intend to rehash any of that but I did want to focus on the rest of the news that went un-noticed:

1. The community continues to rally around Clay Frink with bake sales and other fundraisers but more importantly with prayers and well wishes.  I captured the picture above on the back of a car while I sat at a traffic light but these words can be found all across town including in front of the Methodist Church.

2. Highlands got drubbed in an exhibition with Trinity last night.  This doesn’t come as a surprise given how good Trinity has been over the past couple years (finishing last year as the #1 overall team in the country) but I will admit I was a bit shocked at how bad the loss was.  At halftime Trinity led 51 – 0.  Staggering!  Thank God it was just an exhibition.  I wrote this before Michael Graham’s full recap which you can read atthe link).

3. The city announced this past week changes in traffic and parking around schools heading into this new school year.  One of the biggest items from this update includes the following as it relates to Moyer:

"Kirchner said the district is working with the Kentucky Department of Education to get permission to construct a drop-off loop that will go down James Avenue, then behind and around the school.
Kirchner said is all goes well, he hopes to have the new drop-off in use before Christmas"

4. I have found a new website that attempts to bring neighbors together – a Facebook if you will for neighbors.  I started a neighborhood for Central Fort Thomas which now has 10 members.  Give it a shot and say hi when you get registered. 

5. Here is a link to a story by Mark Story (that wasn't a mistake BTW) on Patrick Towles.  This article underscores the prevailing wisdom around the UK Football program that Towles may redshirt this year.

I leave you with this sign from a yard near Highlands High School.  If I didn't realize that this was related to the new health care law I would swear that this was anti-Highlands (HHS).


  1. How about a mention of the new soccer field installed at Tower Park, thanks to Mark Farley. Dedication is Tuesday night at 7:15 p.m. Oh wait, nobody cares because it is not football.

  2. We actually have a story on it already in file. Thanks