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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mark vs. Food feat. Tricia Macke and Family Recap

By Mark Collier, Fort Thomas Matters Editor

"You've got a Bear, I've got a Saylor."

It was a a playful, but demonstrative declaration by FOX19's Tricia Macke, before the start of the 5th installment of Mark vs. Food at Mio's Pizzeria in the heart of Fort Thomas on a perfect August night.

"It actually worked out that (the eating challenge) was going on tonight,"
said Tricia, "Tonight is our 21st wedding anniversary so you kind of let Chris (her husband) off the hook."

Before a rousing crowd and with the help of Bear Clifton, Director of Development of the Brighton Center, I took on Tricia and her family (Chris, Spence, Piper, Dash and Saylor) in a 15-inch stuffed pizza challenge.

The odds and shear amount of Mackes had us at a big disadvantage - even if Tricia had to cut little Saylor Macke's stuffed pizza for her. A flash poll before the event had odds of the Mark vs. Food crew at a 10% chance of winning.

Even when the Macke's starting chanting, "Mark's going down, Mark's going down, Mark's going down..." I didn't lose faith.

In just under 10 minutes with 5 pieces of stuffed pie under my belt and not quite 3 in the belly of the Bear, we were on the verge of victory.

I looked over to Bear and with just the crust left on his plate between us and victory, I asked him if he needed me to finish. Without saying a word, and wiping some succulent Mio's sauce from around his mouth, he gave me a reassuring nod. I had seen the look before. It was the look of, "there is no freaking way I'm going to be able to eat even one more bite."

With that, I was 5-0 in Mark vs. Food competitions and The Brighton Center received $1,000 (thanks to Mio's donating 10% of their sales from that night at our sponsors Ft. Thomas Jewelers, Bowman's Framing, Tracy Davis State Farm, O'Connor Dental Care and The Schuerman Group of Sibcy Cline). That $1,000 will go to one of the 35 different programs that The Brighton Center uses to help over 74,000 people in our region. To date, we raised close to $3,000 through Mark vs. Food.

I would say that between the amount of money raised, the amount of food eaten, the amount of people there to watch, the amount of trash talking that went on between the participants (even more that the Cincinnati Rollergirls) and the amount of dignity I still had left after eating that insane amount of food, this was the most successful Mark vs. Food event to date.

By the way, the stuffed pizza at Mio's is amazing. Even with the amount of pizza I ate that night, Mark Fowler and Allen Harless sent me home with a Collier Mama (a stuffed pizza with bacon, pineapple, onions, mushroom and jalapenos).

I'm not embarassed to say that I had some the next day. For breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's much healthier to not eat it all at one setting. After all, your cheeks can only fit so much pizza.

"It just means so much to have Tricia and her family be able to do this type of thing, " said Clifton, whose main job for The Brighton Center includes trying his best to raise money for all of the different programs the Brighton Center engages into. "It's just an amazing thing."

Tricia, Chris and the kids were an absolute blast to hang out with. They are some of the most down to earth people that I've had the pleasure of meeting and I can't thank them, Mio's or our sponsors enough.

If you have a suggestion for the next Mark vs. Food, let me know your thoughts and we'll make it our mission to make fools out of ourselves for the sake of The Brighton Center, who I like to think of as our "community caretaker."


  1. Too funny! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tricia! How do I order a Collier Mama?

  2. Peggy, you can order a Collier Mama by calling Mio's at 441-MIOS (6467). You can eat one there, pick it up for take out or have one delivered:-)
    Mark Fowler
    Mio's Fort Thomas