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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mark vs. Food (next Sat. 8/11) featuring....

The crown jewel of Fort Thomas....

Tricia Macke, news anchor of Fox 19. Oh. And her entire family: Husband, Chris and the kids Katlynn, Spence, Piper and Dash.

Let me give you a little background. FTM has been wanting to do a story on Tricia Macke for awhile. More than anything, about her non-stop coaching schedule (she's currently at Disneyworld for Piper's National AAU tournament). The Royals -boys and girls- are machines. Up until yesterday against a Southern California team, I don't think they've lost in 13 years. And Piper isn't even that old yet.

So I had her contact information sitting in my phone for a while. During the Kentucky-Louisville in the Final Four in March, I had a few "nervous cocktails." What can I say? 25 years of bragging rights were on the line. After the UK win, I started calling people. My best buddy, Scott, who was my little brother in the fraternity and best man in my wedding- and diehard Cardinal fan. My mom and dad, both UK alums. And sure... why not? Tricia Macke.

From my hazy recollections, the conversation went something like this:

Mark: Tricia Macke! Mark Collier here. How the hell are you?

Tricia: Doing great, Mark. (background noise told me she was out as well. This comforted me.)

Mark: Just taking in this win. Couldn't be happier.

Tricia: It was a great game.

Mark: So, I'm thinking of doing a Mark vs. Food. With you and your entire family. How about it?

Tricia: Done. Make it happen.

After that, everything was kind of blurry. But I knew she'd stick to her word. And she did. I'll talk about the details in a post on Sunday, but here are the quick and dirties:

Who: Mark vs. The Macke Family

Where: Mio's Fort Thomas

When: Saturday, August 11th. 7:00 PM

What: A large stuffed pizza challenge

Why: To raise money for the Brighton Center.

So far Mio's has generously sectioning off a portion of their sales that night towards the Brighton Center. As well as sponsors Fort Thomas Jewelers and the Doug Schuerman Group at Sibcy Cline. We are hoping a few more sponsors will step up (which will include advertising on our site as well as recognition at the event). Please contact me ( if you're interested.

See you in a couple weeks Fort Thomas!


  1. Do we need to make reservations?

  2. haha. lord. tricia is a trooper.

  3. I would say to just get there early. Mio's gets pretty crowded on the weekends. Supposed to be nice weather.

  4. I can't wait! I've been wanting to go to one of these events. With Tricia there, it should be great!