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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pray for Clay

It's been nearly two days since Clay Frink, 16, was hit by a car at the intersection of Highland and Ft. Thomas Ave and already the Pray for Clay Facebook page has over 1300 likes.

Clay and his family are in need of prayer at this point. His injuries are serious and the updates on the Facebook page are sobering and hard to read. This is the time, as a community, we need to come together and support the Frink family in anyway you can.

There is a 72-hour prayer vigil that you can sign up for here and another community gathering tonight at 8:00 at the church (across from Highlands).

Via Pastor Larry Karow of the Highland United Methodist Church:

I asked Neal (Clay's dad) what would be helpful for them. Clay's dad first and foremost wants us to pray that Clay knows how much he is loved and valued. We, as a church, are committed to make that happen...and we want you, the community, to be an active part in making sure Clay knows he is loved.

What is NOT helpful right now is visitors to Children's Clay is in ICU (Intensive Care Unit), and they want to make sure that Clay is not disturbed. Pam and Neil have contacted their support systems to be with them during this time, and that need is filled. When Clay is moved to a regular room, and visits can happen, we will let you know.

Here are the steps we are taking, and how you can be involved:

1. We will have another opportunity to gather as a community onWEDNESDAY (tomorrow), August 1 at 8:00 p.m

Here is the latest update on Clay's status, via their Facebook page:

Approximately 33 hours post injury:
Good news, they were able to place EVD drain in Clay's left ventricle to drain CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) out of Clay's head and reduce ICP. They tried last night when they placed the ICP monitor to place an EVD in right ventricle but space was too tight. Dr Stevenson (neurosurgeon) was worried we might not be able to get the EVD placed tonight, either.

We had
a briefing from Dr Stevenson (neurosurgeon) on what has happened so far and where we are headed. I will try to summarize what he told us from my notes. What we know so far:

Clayton has a severe TBI (traumatic brain injury).
There is a bumpy road ahead.
Maximum brain edema will be on Wednesday, August 1st
There is massive bruising deep in brain and some in brain stem.
Clayton has shearing injury in brain in two areas.
It is a bad sign that Clay has coagulation problems (clotting delay)-this is indicates a severe injury.
Clay has a right frontal lobe epidural hematoma that is less than 1 cm.
No changes in this on all three CAT scans.
Clay is sedated and nonresponsive on ventilator to decrease the work of Clayton having to breath so his brain can rest.
Treatment of the fracture in Clay's forehead which extends between eyes can easily be deferred until stable.
Antibiotics have been given since admission to prevent meningitis; Clay is at risk due to fracture in skull near ear and he has some CSF leaking out of that ear.
Medications are being used to decrease brain swelling or ICP and have been working fairly well so far.
Moderate hypothermia has been achieved to lower the oxygen needs of Clay's body.
Clay may have had a seizure early on ( his eyes were deviated on admission)and was given dilantin to prevent more seizures.
Four skull fractures, and CSF leak through right ear are actually helping Clayton by letting his brain expand and reduce swelling.

What Dr Stevenson said about where we are headed:
Continue antibiotics to prevent meningitis
Continue to monitor dilantin levels to prevent seizures
Continue mild to moderate hypothermia
Control coagulation to prevent further bleeding in brain
Control ICP with EVD drain, drugs and sedation
Next step as ICP rises over the next 24 hours as it is expected to do is to give pentobarbitol to induce a coma
Last step to control ICP if all else fails is to consider a craniotomy to remove half his skull and leave it loose; this is very risky and serious.

Clayton is most likely going to have some deficits and there is no way to know what they are right now.
Pam and Neal need to eat, sleep, live and find a new normal because they are going to have to help Dr Stevenson help Clayton when he wakes up and our jobs as friends and family are to make sure they do that. He warned us that we are not in a sprint, but in a marathon. He estimates 2-4 months to have an idea how much Clayton will recover and as long as a year to actually make that recovery.

Dr Stevenson hopes Clayton will prove him wrong.
Pam was devastated after this summary. Some friends visited and she perked up and trusting more in the care Clay is receiving and she says she is feeling people's prayers.
She has eaten a little at 9:30 pm and is drinking enough fluids. Tonight she is willing to go to sleep in a room they have for parents here on this floor and Dr Riley is here tonight and will get Pam is ANYTHING changes.
I don't know what I will do.
-Caryn at Pam's request

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  1. Hi Pam,
    I read the article about Clay in the Enquirer. Just wanted you and your family to know you are in my thoughts and prayers. If I can do anything to help or if you need someone to talk to please call me.

    Carol DeMoss