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Monday, August 13, 2012

Update on Newport Pavilion

Via Darrin -

According to Building Cincinnati ( OKI awarded funding for the reconstruction of the intersection at Carothers Road into the Newport Pavilion. I called my contact at Anchor and they indicated this has no impact on their plans for building out the rest of the development. However, he gave me a few updates including:

1. They plan to break ground in October on the small shops between Kroger & Target as well as in front of Target facing Carothers. They are also planning on starting on retail stores by the gas pumps between Kroger and Target.

2. They have a signed lease with Chick Fil A.

3. They are wrapping up negotiations on the lease agreements for Michaels and PetsMart.

4. They are currently also negotiating with Olive Garden, AT&T, Aspen Dental, and Mattress Firm.

My contact indicated that they have to get agreement from Kroger and Target on the leases and they are working to speed up the process on these approvals to smooth the negotiating process.


  1. Is Marshalls no longer a part of the development plan?

  2. Last I heard was that PetsMart was taking over the space originally sought by Marshall's, which will be in between Target and Kroger, along w/Michael's. I believe PetsMart will be adjacent Kroger. I was looking forward to Marshall's. Olive Garden sounds great tho!

  3. I think this whole article is a joke. If anything gets started in this development before Christmas, I'd be shocked.

  4. Awesome. Micheals was one store that i really wanted to go in. Chick fil a...yeah.

  5. This changes every month. Back in may...I heard... chick fil a, long horn, and a panera.
    Who knows