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Friday, August 17, 2012

Van Damme It's Friday Links

- How about G. Michael Graham? Dude is on fire. Enjoy him now, FTM readers cause if my man keeps up at this pace, he's going to get a real journalism job. (And then when the industry collapses, he can write for us again). He's got jokes, ladies and gentlemen.

- Mark vs. Food at Mio's Pizza with the Macke's was a rousing success. It was probably the best episode of Mark vs. Food we've had to date. Thanks to Tricia and her family, Mio's all of our sponsors and everyone who came out. This deserves its own post and when I get some more time, I'll crank it out.

- Big ups to the Fort Thomas League Friday softball champs. Loyal reader, Berz Wagner, submitted this picture of their team in all their glory after their championship game a few Fridays ago. It's only fitting that they make it on this week's Van Damme It's Friday links. Congrats fellas.

- Darrin touched on it briefly, but we're about 3 weeks away from the University of Kentucky and Patrick Towles' debut in blue and white. As training camp hits its stride, it looks like Patrick has settled in as the number 3 Quarterback on the depth chart.

Learning the playbook, taking command of the team and unseating 2 incumbent quarterbacks at an SEC school was going to be a tall order for anyone. Seeing Patrick play and interacting with him closely, I had nothing but confidence in his ability to try to get it done.

It looks like Head Coach Joker Phillips, in a year that may make or break his long term future with the team, is looking at going with his more experienced players.

Maxwell Smith, a redshirt Sophomore, is currently highest on the depth chart, followed by Senior Morgan Newton. If that order holds true, a redshirt year may be best for Patrick. The following year Newton will be gone to graduation, and Smith will have 2 years left at UK. The year that Patrick could conceivably have to study, get his bearings in Lexington and learn to lead his teammates on another level should put him at or near the depth chart next year.

- Anita's Mexican Restaurant opened Monday. I had some twitter mini-reviews on it: a) a little more expensive than rio grande (in newport). b) much lighter atmosphere. c) outdoor seating. d) margaritas not as strong and not enough salt on the rim.

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  1. Good to see reporting on both NCC and Highlands teams. As an NCC Alum, but with kids in the Fort Thomas schools I like to see the coverage of both schools.