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Friday, August 24, 2012

Van Damme It's Friday Links

- IT'S FRIDAY Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Via Fort Thomas Matters Sports Writer, G. Michael Graham:

Mueller’s Head Coaching Record Clarification:

Another media outlet reported this week that Mueller is a few wins shy of 300 as a head football coach.

Mueller’s record is 283-64 overall, including 224-33 at Highlands including Friday’s win over Boyle County. Mueller took over at his alma mater in 1994.

Prior to coming back to Highlands, Mueller spent three years as head coach at Cincinnati Sycamore and the six previous seasons at Cincinnati Withrow. Mueller’s squads went 48-12 at Withrow and 11-19 at Sycamore.

- Friend of the blog, Will Chambers is collecting donations for a food drive for Welcome House and Be Concerned, both of Northern Kentucky. If you have any food items or toiletries you'd like to donate, you can contact him at .

- A couple of back to school notes from our friends at Mio's via their Facebook page.

Back to school! I hear a few boos and many hallelujahs from parents!

Student lunches begin today. We will offer pizzas and hoagies along with buffalo chicken and chicken caesar wraps. With a choice of drink, $5. Good stuff!

We would
really like to hear from parents & students alike. Let us know if you have requests for our student lunch offerings. We listen and act on your feedback:-)

Best of luck this school year!

Mark & the Mio's Crew.

They are delivering now, by the way. Order a Collier Mama. They're damn good.

- An update on Clay Frink from the Pray for Clay Facebook Page:

Clay and I headed to the PT room together then afterwards Clay and I played with a small soft soccer ball. I just put it in his hand to hold and before I knew it he threw it and of course I did not catch it! We had a few rounds and I improved in my catching ability.

Later 'speech' came in and brought chocolate pudding. This is the first food post injury. Clay held the spoon and brought it to his mouth for a taste or two.

This afternoon Clay's OG tube was removed (that is the one in his mouth). There was a hint of a smile afterwards and he seems happier to have that tube gone.

After all of that a big nap is now on the agenda.

Sounds like he's doing better. Keep praying, Fort Thomas.

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