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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chick-Fil-A Opening at Newport Pavilion

The long waited addition to Newport Pavilion's anchor tenants, Chick-Fil-A, has a trailer at the location near Carothers Road, with a sign stating that the restaurant is "Opening Soon."

After posting this picture with the caption, "Who's Excited?!" garnered over 100 "likes" and 44 comments  on our Facebook page (14 being negative about the chicken retailer moving in), I'm not going to get too political about anything on FTM. 

I like their chicken and I'm happy they are moving to our area. Per one of our Facebook fans, the franchisee is a Fort Thomas resident as well. 

I purposely waited a few days to post this (ironically on a Sunday - which is the day Chick-Fil-A is closed nationwide to give their employees a day to be with family) to gain a little more perspective from all of our writers after the firestorm of comments on our Facebook page. 

We are blessed to have writers with different views, both liberal and conservative, and the consensus was as follows: Believe what you want to believe about the CEO and his views on the traditional family unit. The bottom line is that Chick-Fil-A is still a family-owned, private company.

If you do not agree with their views, it's very simple: do not give them your business. Chick-Fil-A has every right to express their opinion and their opponents have every right to choose not to patronize their establishment. 

Those who oppose Chick-Fil-A coming to the Newport Pavilion seem to be the ones clamoring for diversity. In my view, however,  it seems like the most important type of diversity is being lost – diversity of thought and opinion. 

Per our Facebook discussion, anyone who disagrees with the position of those who oppose Chick-Fil-A coming to our area are hatemongers. The truth is that many who support Chick-Fil-A are standing up for the right of a private business owner to openly express their opinions and values without being greeted with hate and vitriol from those who disagree. 

Again, I just really like their chicken.


  1. I'm just disappointed that it's not a Popeye's restaurant.

  2. It appears there is a Popeye's opening soon in the old Skyline near Mainstrausse in Covington

  3. Popeye's? Disappointed? Words can't describe my confusion.
    Great addition to an excellent development, hopefully more tenants will step up soon. It's no secret, but commercial developments shouldn't take this long to be developed.
    I can only hope the future holds more stores which means more tax revenue and more jobs for local residents.

  4. Haha. The first two posts were obviously a self-post from a Popeye's franchisee.

  5. I like their chicken too...that's why I was so sad when the owner made his overt statement...I truly feel he had every right to make this statement..but then, I have every right not to support his does that make ME a "hate monger" and him not? People are saying they find it "refreshing" that he spoke up for what he believes..once again, he has the RIGHT to do so, but I never find bigotry "refreshing"..I would not frequent a place that made a public statement against Jewish people marrying Protestants, blacks marrying whites, etc. either. I fully support diversity of thought and opinion, however, you seem to think by not agreeing with Chic -Fil- A, that I don't..which is a paradox to me. People were making comments on your blog about us who will boycott not investigating in other companies' practices also. Well, we do what we can, no, I can't stop buying gas for my car, as someone snidely suggested,but when someone makes such a blatant comment like this, it is an easy choice.The franchise owners made their choice also, and I am sure they will be fine, as the consensus of your first post seems to say that homophobia is alive and well in the tristate

  6. I literally could not understand your argument. Perhaps that speaks to my reading comprehension, but I doubt it.

    I can't speak for anyone but myself. I am not against gay marriage. I honestly don't care who marries whom.

    When asked in a Baptist Magazine about his personal views on traditional marriage, he said:

    “Well, guilty as charged,” said Cathy when asked about the company’s position. “We are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit. …”

    “We are very much committed to that,” Cathy emphasized. “We intend to stay the course,” he said. “We know that it might not be popular with everyone, but thank the Lord, we live in a country where we can share our values and operate on biblical principles.”

    He never says anything derogatory. No name calling (as you and your comrades continue to do), just his views.

    Again, go or don't go, but don't call me homophobic because I choose to do so.

    And just to be clear again. I am not against gay marriage. I am not a homophobe. And I will be patronizing Chick Fil A.

  7. I was one of the Facebook commenters who posted that I refuse to eat there but to be clear, I never called anyone names. And as a huge supporter of family owned Ft. Thomas businesses, I understand and respect this community's desire to support a new business—but many franchises exist. I believe in free speech. I believe in the right of people to express their opinions. But I don't believe in people's right to diminish another person's right because of their beliefs. Cathy has every right to free speech, yes. But Cathy also has a lot of money—and a lot of power. And Cathy has used, as I understand it $5 million earned from Chick Fil A to support organizations (including a certified hate group) that wants to make "gay behavior" for example, illegal. Allowing gay marriage doesn't hurt anyone. But disallowing gay marriage hurts those involved—partners aren't given the same benefits, can't make decisions for loved ones in a hospital, etc., etc. Cathy has money and he's actively put his money to work ... his money is money earned from people who eat at Chick Fil A. So by eating at Chick Fil A, you're contributing your money to his causes. Do you want that? Is your love of chicken so strong that that sits comfortably with you? It doesn't sit comfortably with me.

  8. When is the Chick Fil A opening, we have seen the sign coming soon for almost 2 months now. We love their chicken we drive to Eastgate or Florence all the time. Can't wait to have a local one.