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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Highlands/Cov Cath Rivalry Playing Out on Twitter

I can't believe this Highlands teacher didn't give partial credit on this. Via Twitter.

Image being sent around Twitter via Covington Catholic students.

It's no secret FTM has been on the new media/social media bandwagon for a while now. Twitter is probably my go-to source for breaking news, more so than anywhere else. Sure, you have to occasionally wade through the "look-what-I'm-eating tweet" or "look-how-cute-my-dog/baby-is tweet" but when something breaks on twitter, you're almost forced to ride the wave of information.

You can find me on twitter at @MLorenCollier.

After the final whistle sounded in their respective games this past weekend, Highlands and Cov Cath immediately moved their collective attentions to their matchup on Friday. There's definitely no love lost between the two schools, and students at both institutions have taken to Twitter to build up momentum for the game.

A quick Twitter tutorial for those who haven't made the jump yet:

A "hashtag" on Twitter is a clickable and searchable phrase that accompanies someone's thoughts on a particular tweet. By putting an asterisk at the beginning of the hashtag, Twitter collects all of these phrases and groups them together in order to see what everyone is saying
about a particular subject.

For instance, if I were going to tweet about Fort Thomas Matters, I might say something like: Fort Thomas Matters just had 3,500 page views today. #FortThomasMatters

Now, if you were to search twitter and click the hashtag #FortThomasMatters, you could see
any time anyone had mentioned #FortThomasMatters.

Highlands students are using the hashtag, #BeatColonels. Football team members, the student body, even ESPN analyst Merril Hoge and University of Cincinnati guard, Cashmere Wright, got into the act.

I think it's a pretty cool way to show team spirit throughout the student body and the community.

Cov Cath has taken it a step further, however. You'd think the natural response would be #BeatBluebirds, right? Nope. We're a PG website and it's very NSFW, so you'll have to search it yourself via my twitter, but their hashtag is #F---Highlands.

Classy, huh? I'm glad our coaches, teachers and students have a little more respect than that. Bravo, kids. Stay above the fray.

If nothing else, it adds a little more spark to this already heated rivalry. Highlands leads the all-time series 41-17.


  1. Classy? Your telling me that Highlands has never said or done anything negative towards Cov Cath? Ignorance is bliss...

  2. Just not stupid enough to go out and put that dumb stuff online. And that's your response? Highlands does it too! Good one. And 42-17...doesn't seem like much of a rilvary. Seems Cov. Cath is trying to keep it one with their antics.