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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mama on a Budget: Artscapade

As much as I love scrubbing paint out of my living room rug, as much as I love scraping clay remnants out from between my floorboards, and as much as I love rubbing the skin off my fingers on the wrong end of a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, I love it even more when someone else does it for me.  I am an artist, no doubt about that.  I was a graphic designer by trade previously; you know, the art with no mess.  So, I really want to instill the love of art in my children but I really hate how messy it can be.  Enter Artscapade; a children’s art class held in the Shaw Lane home of Fort Thomas resident Tanith Smith.

Tanith is an art lover herself: graduate of The Art Institute of Phoenix and former graphic designer (what-what) working for various non-profits, architectural firms, and advertising agencies in the southwest; and she is a mom.  Her son acted as her “art helper” and seemed to share his mom’s love for crafts and “get your hands dirty” art projects.  The session Knox and I attended focused on the classic Eric Carle book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and after reading the story we made a craft showing the caterpillar (colored poms and googly eyes) surrounded by sponge paintings of all of the various foods he ate.  Knox really enjoyed this craft and, especially, doing it with all of the other kids.

We did finish the craft in the first 35 minutes which was fine for two-year old kids and so we spent the rest of the time talking with the other moms while our children played and Tanith offered us coffee.  Mommy and Me classes are once per week for a six-week session and cost $65 total which is a bit pricier than most opportunities I highlight in this column space but for an art class with all of the supplies involved, seems reasonable to me.  Although this session has already started, Tanith said it is not too late to enroll for a discounted price and she has $5 coupons at various Fort Thomas businesses such as Blue Marble and Fort Thomas Coffee.   There will be another Mommy and Me session beginning after the holidays.  She also has sessions for older children, up to age 12 and hosts birthday parties.
All of her information can be found on her website at  So make your next escapade, an artscapade!

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