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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Plane Crash In Fort Thomas


Tom Morrison, who witnessed the crash and called 911, gave us his first hand information on our Facebook page:

Small Cessna came in somewhat parallel to the river around 9:25pm. It appeared to have lights but no obvious engine noise. It barely stayed outside and cleared the hill behind the soccer field on River Road. It couldn't get over the next hill between River Road and Sergeant. The crash wasn't much louder than the fireworks and no explosion so it wasn't apparent anyone else realized it. Police-Fire responded quickly when we called 911 but the steep wooded hillside was likely difficult. Last we heard they were able to get two people out by 11pm with amazingly limited injury, but that is not 100% confirmed.

So I'm minding my own business. Per the usual. Just took in Jo Dee at Merchants and Music. Hanging at The Pub and I see blue lights a blazing on River Road. I think it's probably got to be something to do with the festival.

Then the whispers start.

"Someone called the police because there were fireworks at Riverbend, they heard the boom, saw a plane flying low and called in a plane crash."

As the night went on, it started getting pieced together.

River Road closed. Somewhere between River Road and Tower Hill a plane went down at around 11:30 PM. 2 people in the aircraft. Apparently not hurt. I'm sure we'll have more as the story progresses.

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