Friday, September 14, 2012

Van Damme It's Friday Links (Over-Scheduling Kids, Win Money for Furniture, Murals)

How awesome is my man's ink? 'Merica!

- Starting off our VDIF links with a message from director of Spiritual Growth at Highland United Methodist Church, Jennifer Hall. HUMC and Ft. Thomas schools are partnering together to bring you a conversation about over scheduling our children. The event will take place Tuesday, September 18th at Highlands High School's PAC.
"We will talk about the pressure that today’s kids are under to succeed at multiple things and how we as parents can set the pace for our families that provides time for priorities and relationships," said Hall.
"Parents of very young children will benefit, because they already feel the pressure to get their children in everything so they won’t be “left behind”. Parents of elementary kids will benefit, because these children more and more are feeling the pressure and stress associated with being overscheduled and parents are still able to control the family schedule. Parents of teenagers will benefit by being more aware of the pressure their child feels and being able to loving guide their child into making good decisions. Students 13 + will benefit, by being a part of this conversation where they can voice their feelings and be understood."

- During the Boys' soccer team defeat of Anderson Tuesday night, the teams used the game as a means to raise funds for the Frink Family. In Michael Graham's article (here) I think the most interesting nugget was the fact that Anderson came to Highlands with the idea:
"The whole idea came from Anderson," said Matthew Winkler, Highlands head coach. "Both teams ran with it. It was a good night."
- If you haven't already, go to Best Furniture's Facebook page. Like it, guess the square footage of their entire facility (including the newly redone design loft) and you are automatically entered to win $200 from Best. No strings attached. If 200 people like it, Best will give away another $150.

Also, if you're like me you've seen a lot of advertising of "Stressless" Furniture on TV. It's a line of furniture that's pretty much like putting your butt on a cloud. Did you know the only authorized seller of Stressless Furniture is none other than Best Furniture. The more you know...

- A new mural was unveiled in Bellevue on Wednesday with the help of the Taft Museum of Art. With the money this city likes to spend on parks and beautification of space, a mural in Fort Thomas seems like a no-brainer. We've talked about it before on FTM and the consensus is that people agree. People who work for the city (who I know read this) can we get on this?


  1. Highlands has hired a new softball coach. Jessica Donelan stepped down because she and Jake are expecting their first child in January. Rob Coffey will replace her. It will be official on Monday.

  2. Where would a mural be located in Ft. Thomas? I can't think of any blank walls in the city off the top of my head.

  3. The retaining wall on Hagedorn by convenient and the back side of the 915 have been suggested for murals in the past