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Friday, September 28, 2012

Van Damme It's Friday (Walk to School, School Lunches, #BeatColonels, Old Media)

My man Van Damme, pounding some Coors Light. FTM is not a sponsor for Miller Coors.... but we could be. 

- Superintendent Gene Kirchner checked in with Fort Thomas Matters regarding walk to school day. This is what he said:
The walk to school marquee has to do with encouraging students to be active and fit while reducing pollution and waste due to driving. It is something that our middle school health teachers have embraced and is part of a national initiative. I believe that staff members are also taking part by walking to school with students from various locations. While reduced traffic is not the primary goal, it would certainly be side benefit. 
- On that same note, FTM also checked in with Gina Sawma, Food and Nutrition Director at Fort Thomas Independent Schools. She's going to give us a rundown next week of how Highlands lunches throughout the district has changed recently.

I had seen a funny spoof on YouTube from students at a Kansas high school, remaking FUN's, "We Are Young" into "We Are Hungry." In the video, students take a stand that the federally instituted lunch guidelines are just not enough food.

Highlands students have more options than most kids in high school around the nation, as they still have the privilege for going off campus for lunch, but I think mandating what you can eat and what you can't is the start of a slippery slope.

Here's the video:

- Highlands continues to #BeatColonels. Highlands Soccer defeated Cov Cath and former HHS coach, Jeremy Robertson 1-0 last night at Tower Park in front of a raucous crowd. Highlands won their 3rd game in a row and improved to 9-6-2 on the year. Cov Cath fell to 11-5-2.

If you haven't yet, remember to click on the sports tab at the top of the Fort Thomas Matters to check in with G. Michael Graham's updates. 

- DDAY for online enquirer access is Monday, October 1. It's kind of like Y2K. Not sure how it'll change, but everyone is bracing for the worst. Who's pumped to pay to view content online? I know I'm psyched.

- What's Fort Thomas selling on Craigslist?
It's UK. Check. 3x? Hmmm. Mens or Womens? Double Hmmmm.

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