Wednesday, October 3, 2012

5 Things to Know about Fort Thomas Jewelers

Fort Thomas Matters has heard your comments and opinions on the “5 Things to know” feature.  It appears the readers enjoy reading about local businesses and learning some unique information about each one that is featured.  This installment features Fort Thomas Jewelers and five facts that you may not know!

I contacted FTJ inquiring about interesting facts they would like to convey to the readers of Fort Thomas Matters; the following are the five things that they wanted you to know:

  • FTJ does repairs while you wait, we have a 20% off coupon towards that repair on our website
  • FTJ now has an exclusive design system where you can sit with our designer and design your own jewelry on our Counter Sketch System
  • FTJ carries a large line of Bridal Jewelry, Loose Diamonds and can make custom fitted wedding bands
  • FTJ does custom engraving on almost anything
  • FTJ has a laser welder, making those harder solder jobs much easier and less evasive on your jewelry

Fort Thomas Jewelers is located at 90 Alexandria Pike as part of the Fort Thomas Plaza.

Fort Thomas Jewelers is an outstanding business whose products are only rivaled by their customer service.  They will take care of your every want and need in the store.  Their website (and the coupon that was previously mentioned) is located here:

Fort Thomas Matters already has some businesses and topics in the works for future “5 Things to Know”features, but if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments below!

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