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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Car Accident Victim, Clay Frink, Going Home

Photo courtesy: Facebook/prayforclay

Monday July, 30 tragedy struck Fort Thomas. Highlands Junior, Clay Frink, was hit by a car at the intersection of Highland and Fort Thomas Avenues. 78 days at Childen's Hospital - and finally Clay's going home. God is good.

I can't say it any better than his dad, Neal, so I'll copy a portion of his last post from the Pray for Clay Facebook page.

We're finishing packing up Clayton's room this morning; taking down cards and pictures, and collecting board games and electronic devices to take home. It is hard not to stop and re-read the (many) cards with encouragements and look at pictures drawn by cousins and friends. Pam will do a scrapbook weekend later this fall and organize it all for future reference. I'm guessing we'll have multiple volumes of the TBI scrapbook, plus show-box materials.

For today we gave Clayton the option of: a) doing a full day of therapies today, or b) doing morning therapies only along with a "going home" party in the activity room with refreshments for the staff here. He wanted to know if there was another option. I said sure, option c) do morning and afternoon therapies PLUS the noon-time social. He said he'd like option "d" - none of the above. I think we're going with option b. That will allow us to leave early afternoon and surprise Marj (Pam's mom) when we pick her up at the airport at 3 pm.

We've prepped the house for Clayton's return home. Annette Erickson has done in-home OT work before and brought a good checklist and helped us identify things we might want to adjust. Mostly it is de-cluttering, ensuring clear travel pathways, and ensuring there are things for Clayton to hold onto to steady himself (if needed). Clayton will be fully supervised at home until his balance and strength are closer to what they were pre-accident, but no special accommodations are required. He'll sleep in his own room on the second floor, shower in the bathroom, eat at the kitchen table, and game at his computer desk. AWESOME to be headed back toward normal living given the possible outcomes we had to consider just two months ago.

We got to do a trial run with the 21-hour pass Saturday night. Everything went well. Clayton had a few friends over to eat pizza, watch Step Brothers, and play some Texas Hold'em. Clay ended up with the biggest chip stack. I told the boys they needed to bring cash for the next poker night. Clayton loved waking up in his own bed with his cats sleeping at the end of the bed. Sunday morning we ate breakfast at Bob Evans and then headed back to the hospital.

I spent Sunday afternoon with Clayton before heading out to the Highlands vs St. Henry soccer game (first round of Regionals). Clayton asked me if Highlands got past St. Henry and kept going with their season if he could maybe train with the team for the rest of the season. I told him he can't play (run/train) yet. He asked about spring soccer. I told him he couldn't play in any games or training this spring where there could be contact, but that he might (emphasis on MIGHT) be able to do ball skill work with his Club team, depending on how he progresses. In the mean time, he can hit his rehab work hard and get himself in excellent condition, which will be a big plus whether he is playing soccer or not. This was a hard conversation for me to have with Clayton, but I have to shoot straight and I'm pleased that he both understands and has resolve to work hard as he continues rehab to enable himself to return to soccer.


  1. Definitely a great news! Good thing he's okay now and ready to continue life. So much for the vehicle though, if only he was able to ask for smash repairs perth. But what really matters is that Clay is so much okay now.

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