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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fort Thomas Mid-week News Update

1. With Halloween upon us it is a good reminder of what we love about Fort Thomas and the great community atmosphere we have in this town.  I thoroughly enjoy Trick or Treating and getting to spend time with neighbors around fire pits.

Our Facebook page has chronicled many of these great festivities and it has provided an opportunity for others to share their experiences and suggestions for making the events even better.  One such suggestion includes moving the recent Jack o' lantern walk to a Friday or Saturday night to possibly get more participation from kids who have an early bed time during the week.  What do you think?

2. Shout out to district art teacher Nikki Everett who was named the Kentucky Elementary Art Educator of the Year out of a group of 1100 elementary art teachers.  Just another example of how we are blessed with great teachers who connect with students and inspire.

3. Finally, (in a shout out to my friend John Homer) you will appreciate this article on Honeysuckle if you have ever spent a Saturday afternoon trying to cut this nasty root out of your property line.  Some groups around NKY including right here in Fort Thomas have made some progress against this nasty vine around tower park.  A quote from the article:
The plant has also been the focus of the Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy. The group that calls themselves “The Eradicators” having been fighting back against honeysuckle from the Tower Park tree trail. This fall, they are concentrating on the area around the Fort Thomas Military and Community Museum.


  1. About the Jack o' lantern walk
    Friday is a football game night. And with not knowing all the facts the mess hall is used on Friday and Saturday. Moving thos event would cost the city money.
    The 3000 people they cane did't have a problem.

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