Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Google Earth Your Way Through Best Furniture

I'm sure by now nearly everyone who's reading this has played around with Google Earth. The creepiness level for me was on high alert when I typed in my address and there I was, cutting the grass while the Google-Mobile snapped the front of my house.

Meredith Hay of Meredith Group Business Solutions put together this showroom tour that shows the myriad of furniture and home goods Best Furniture has to offer.

You can click their ad on the left side of the page to view their showroom tour in the future, or just go here for now. 

Best had a great run at the tent sale to clear the way for new merchandise in the store. LIKE their Facebook page and guess the square footage to win $200 for anything at their store.  Make sure to LIKE their page and give your guesstimate there to be eligible.

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