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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Late, Mid-week News Update

A few items of note over the past week or so....

1. There is a very cool note from the airplane crash victim, Gary Johnston, on the Fort Thomas Matters Facebook page.  He speaks kindly of the emergency response team and gives a special thank you to Tom Morrison for calling 911.

2. I found this really cool video on Youtube where someone recently sent a remote controlled glider with a video camera around Fort Thomas.  There are some great shots of the river and the homes surrounding it as well as the trees changing colors.

3. The Highland United Methodist Church historian needs your help.  They are looking for anything relating to Highland United Methodist Church history, including photos of any church related events such as weddings, children’s activities, church sponsored outings, etc. Also, newspaper/magazine clippings or documentation of any group outing or event, etc. (Anything HUMC-related that would help to record our past would be most welcome.!) Please submit to

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