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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mama on a Budget- Fort Thomas Pumpkin Walk

Halloween 2011- Russel and Carl from Pixar- UP
One of Knox’s favorite books right now is called “This is Not a Pumpkin” which is about seventy-nine pages of pumpkin pictures followed by a jack-o-lantern with the punch-line being that everybody knows “pumpkins don’t smile”.  Well, to Bob Staake, the author of that gripping novel, I’d like to say that Jack-o-lanterns do a heck of a lot more than smile or frown as he suggests.  The best ones are replicas of famous works of art, scenes from scary movies, and even a brain.  To see some such examples, make sure to go to the Jack-O-Lantern Walk & Contest, presented by the Fort Thomas Recreation Department on October 25 from 7-9 pm. 
The pumpkin walk itself is quite a lot of fun but preparation begins well before the day of the event.  The pumpkins along the walk are all donated by residents from school-children to local artists.  Prizes are awarded for the best pumpkins in each of the various categories and even a small (very small) prize purse is given away. 

We enjoy carving a pumpkin and taking it up the day before the walk (pumpkins are due on October 24th at the Armory between 7:30 am and 7 pm).  We then enjoy looking to find our pumpkin.  Last year due to weather it was held inside the armory but the previous year the pumpkins were lined up along the trails by the tennis courts and this spooky forest environment made for a really neat atmosphere.  The plan is for it to always be outdoors unless weather does not cooperate.  The walk has over 1,000 luminaries and 200 pumpkins.  At the end of the walk there is hot cocoa and other refreshments available.  Also, a fall-themed family photo can be taken free of charge thanks to Marian Sizemore with State Farm.  In addition, each kid is given a trick-or-treat bag with some goodies.  Also, there were kids crafts available for the children to do.
The outdoor walk was a really great experience but the walk inside the armory was a bit of a chaotic mess.  The pictures were moved to the beginning so the line was very backed up.  The line snaked through the basement of the armory and ended well outside the building so people were still waiting in the rain and cold.  The walk itself was not that exciting because it just wound through the basketball courts.  Obviously, the Ft. Thomas Rec Department cannot control the weather but the backup plan made a very exciting event into a frustrating one.  Truth be told, if the decision is made to move indoors again this year, I do not think we will be going.
To see the flyer, go to  and hopefully, I’ll be seeing you at the walk.   

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