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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mama on a Budget- Whole Foods: Kids Can Cook Too

Whole foods cooking class

Knox will eat absolutely anything: as long as it is hot dogs, pepperoni or biscuits.  No, he is not quite that bad but, like many toddlers, he is a very picky eater.  However, we’ve found he will eat anything for breakfast on weekends because he and Daddy cook it together.  We try to cook as many meals with him as possible but I kept thinking, wouldn’t it be neat if someone had a kids cooking program for toddlers and older.  Oh, and free.  And they clean up. Please?

Well, Whole Foods in Rookwood Plaza apparently thought this concept up well before I did.  So, after discovering this, the whole family made the short trek up I-71 to Whole Foods to give this a shot.  Once we arrived, we discovered a really neat set up.  They had long tables set out around the “cooking” area and an instructor to show us how to prepare our food.  The first course was an eight-layer salad which the kids made for themselves (Knox loved wearing the protective gloves), followed by a delicious Wild Rice & Chicken Casserole, and finished with an Apple Crisp.

Not only was all the food quite delicious but Knox actually tried everything since he had participated: spinach lettuce, radishes, and wild rice and chicken.  My only complaint was I had called ahead to make sure it was nut free and they assured me the meals were but the salad included almonds and the apple crisp included walnuts and pecans.  Quite honestly, though, Whole Foods in general is not nut-allergy friendly unless you’re very careful.

As the meal wrapped up, I spoke with Beth, the chef-extraordinaire, and found out not only is she passionate about healthy food and living in general, but she is a Fort Thomas mom.  She was very good working with the kids and explaining the benefits of healthy eating and, also, did not take it personally if the kids did not like her food.

The class we attended was a Wednesday night class but they also have Saturday morning cooking classes which may be more convenient for people.  They offer specialty cooking classes such as gluten-free cooking and on Wednesday October 24, the class will be Halloween themed and each child will be making “spooky treats”.

For more information and a full schedule of events, visit their website at  

Eating Salad?!

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