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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monday Evening Fort Thomas Notes

1. The Villa Grande subdivision is petitioning to be added to the Fort Thomas school system.  The development is in city limits but as a result of an evolution over time it along with a spot East of Dayton, KY are still assigned to the Campbell County School District even though the rest of the areas around it are associated with city school districts.

2. If you have seen this man you are asked to call Fort Thomas police.  In addition to drinking 40's he is accused of shop lifting.  I know the owners of the convenient market have really struggled with stopping theft and this could send a strong signal to others if he can be caught.

3. The Cincinnati Business Courier just released a summary of the Top 15 schools with highest ACT scores in NKY and Highlands came in at #2 behind Beechwood.  I was surprised by the disparity between the two schools with an average composite score by Beechwood of 25.6 and Highlands at 23.8.


  1. Villa Grande homeowners are doomed to failure. There is no way that Campbell County Schools will cede the tax base to anyone else.

    As the Fort Thomas superintendent noted... this comes up fairly frequently... no one ever succeeds..

  2. Its sad in this day and age that children are viewed as dollar amounts rather than the health and safety of the kids.

  3. So essentially you are agreeing that the county is viewing these kids as dollars rather than doing what they should do, which is worry about the safety and welfare of the children. Would you send your kids on a 40 minute bus ride one way 5 days a week? That's over 6 hours riding on a bus per week. You do the math.

    If this gets voted down, those administrators should be ashamed of themselves. The tax basis was in place years before the area was developed to increase tax revenue for the county. Fast forward 50 years and Campbell county is growing out towards Alexandria but yet still wants to hold onto this segment. Take a look at the Campbell County school district map and then tell me if it makes any sense to keep it within Cambell county school district considering everything completely surrounding it is Ft Thomas Independent.

  4. "As the Fort Thomas superintendent noted... this comes up fairly frequently... no one ever succeeds.."

    I'm guessing for those that attempt, they are not in the same situation. Its very different to argue the to move from Dayton, Bellevue, or Newport city schools to Ft Thomas schools as you are still in close proximity to your designated school. Is Villagrande really in close proximity to Campbell County High School?

  5. This makes sense to me. Families that live in the city of Ft Thomas should have access to all the servcices and be a part of the entire community. I understand that the school boundaries and the city are different. Just because it's been this way doesn't mean it's the right thing for the community.

    I am not sure why the Ft thomas school board would oppose this. It seems to be common sense.

    Campbell county it's all about $$$ but like someone else said this is a new community and the dollars are all incremental so it shouldn't really matter unless they are spending money before they have it.

  6. No.. in exactly this type of situation, it never happens..

    If there is $40MM of property in Villa Grande, that is about $400K per year in school taxes.. Under what process can you see the transfer of $400K from CC schools to FT schools? How would you accomplish that. If you were a CC schools taxpayer, how would you feel about $400K of your tax money being given to some other entity?

    I'm sure that not one single homebuyer in Villa Grande thought they were in the Ft Thomas school district.. they knew what they were getting, and now they want someone else to pay for it.

    I'm in the Fort Thomas school district and pay those taxes.. It would be great to expand our tax base. Isn't going to happen.

  7. So you are agreeing that Campbell County is viewing the 40+ children in Villagrande as $$ rather than worrying about the well being of the children and doing what is right for the children. Take out the tax basis and no one has any other argument why Campbell County should not allow the transfer. The community is only 5 years old so the county has barely reaped any of the tax basis up to this point. If they were ever going to do the right thing, now is the time to do it.

  8. Here is the county school map. Look where Villagrande lies. Does this make any sense? Looks like an island in the middle of no where.