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Sunday, October 7, 2012

State of the Union from Fort Thomas Matters

Just a quick "state-of-the-union" post for our beloved Fort Thomas Matters readers.

1) We've grown a lot over the last year. It's all because of YOU! So first and foremost, THANK YOU FOR READING!

Since 2008, we've grown almost 100% each year. At some point, our readership is going to plateau, but even with the huge number of people reading over the years, we still grew our page views over 60% from last year.

2) Our commitment to you is going to be three fold going forward:

A) We want to give our readers everything they can get in traditional media as well as everything they can't.

B) We will never go the route of traditional media by charging to view online content.

C) We will try to be as predictable with our content as we can. Street Class will be on Sundays. Mama on a Budget will be on Tuesdays. 5 Things to Know will be on Wednesdays. Football Previews on Thursdays. Van Damme Links, Fridays and Football Game Stories Saturdays.

3) The reason I think this website is working is that it's all encompassing within Fort Thomas. Its writers live here. Its readers live here (or lived here). Its advertisers do business here. Its government officials make a point to reach out to us - and by extension - their constituents.

For us to continue to grow, we need to keep this cycle in tact. If there's something you'd like information on, join the conversation by commenting here or on our Facebook page. Email us. Call us. Use our advertisers' services.

Again, we are growing thanks to you. We want to try to grow and evolve to make your experience better. To take a quote from Jerry Maguire. Please help us, help you.

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