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Friday, October 26, 2012

Van Damme It's Friday (Jeff Ruby, Fort Thomas Jr. Football, Taunya Nolan Jack)

- We're announcing the winner of the Best Furniture giveaway this afternoon at noon. The person who was closest to guessing the amount of square footage throughout their entire store will win a $200 gift certificate. We did a video that showed just how big the store is. It's humongous. I grew up in Fort Thomas and had probably driven by it 1000 times and I was absolutely astonished just how much they had. 

- A few stories I've been working on lately I wanted to let you know about:

1) I interviewed Jeff Ruby on Wednesday. Ruby's got a really interesting connection to Fort Thomas and Highlands that I wanted to delve into. What I found was even more interesting than I had originally thought. 

2) The Fort Thomas Junior Football League is 2 weeks away from concluding its 2012 season. As soon as it is, I've got a story that will highlight the absurdity of the way some parents act during the games. 

You won't want to miss either story, so keep checking back.

- State Senator from Fort Thomas, Katie Stine, endorsed incumbent Campbell Circuit Court Clerk, Taunya Nolan Jack.  Stine, who has been well known for being a watchdog on budgets called Nolan Jack, "experienced, efficient and effective."

- Brighton's Fright Night is tonight at 9:00 at Molly Malone's in Covington. Should be a blast. Side note, Molly Malone's is the best place in the Greater Cincinnati area to watch soccer, for all of those inclined. 

- Have we come up with a consensus for Highlands Football's quest for their 6th straight state championship? I thought it was Race for Seis, but Mio's has a huge banner claiming it's Blitz for Six. 

- What's Fort Thomas selling on Craigslist? 

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