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Friday, October 5, 2012

Van Damme It's Friday (Reds Playoff Video, Towles, Exorcist,

- We had a FTM meeting last Sunday. Very serious topics were up for discussion. Including some of the annoying things that Reds fans do while taking in a game at Great American Ball Park. This is the result of that conversation:


- Patrick Towles will no doubt have a tough time sleeping tonight as he mentally prepares for his first game in Kentucky blue and white tomorrow against the 19th ranked Mississippi State Bulldogs.

Head Coach Joker Phillips said this about Patrick after Wednesday's practice:

Phillips said the no-huddle, shotgun style will help Towles because it's similar to the offense he ran in high school.

"He has pretty good control of the ball and knows where it is going," Phillips said about Towles. "The thing is getting him in the game and seeing what he can do and how accurate he can be in a game. A game is a lot faster than practice. We are going against scouts right now and he does get a few reps with ones-against-ones but we are mostly going against scouts. The game will be a lot faster on Saturday and we will get to see what he can do and go from there." 

Both Whitlow and Towles will have their hands full on Saturday with a talented Mississippi State defense. The Bulldogs lead the nation in turnover margin, including nine interceptions this season. Phillips said the MSU secondary, which is full of veterans, is the main reason why.

St. Catherine was in the news twice this past week.
1) There's an Catholic exorcist set to speak as part of a regular education series at the church.
2) They have 6 sets of twins in an enrollment of 150 students.

I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere, but I'm scared to go there. Literally. I saw The Exorcist. That's nothing to play with.

- Edgewood Drive is having their 2nd Annual Block Party this weekend. FTM will be there to cover it in one of our newest features, which will join the stable of Mama of a Budget, Mark vs. Food and Watchdog Petracco. 

- What's Fort Thomas Selling on Craigslist?
This kind of goes along the lines of our video. And don't think about emailing about it. I'm buying these. 

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  1. The Edgewood Block Party is actually next weekend. Saturday, Oct. 13th.