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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Van Damme It's Halloween (Bellevue Kroger, Trick-or-Treat, Best Furniture, Fighting Moms, DEPs)

- The Bellevue Kroger opened a few weeks back, after closing for renovations in May. The 37-year-old store was last renovated in 1997 and the latest renovation had me wondering if the remodel made sense since the opening of the Kroger Marketplace at Newport Pavilion.

I ran into the Chief Financial Officer of Kroger last Wednesday and asked him about it, specifically whether the Bellevue Kroger was cannibalizing sales from the Newport location.

The answer was an emphatic, "No."

I didn't write down the sales number that he rattled off, but he did mention that the first month sales at Bellevue doubled from when they were last open (over $400,000). The Kroger Marketplace in Newport sales stayed even (over $1,000,000) and is still one of the most profitable Kroger in the area.

- Trick-or-Treat is TODAY from 6-8. You ever wake up first thing in the morning and forget which day it is? Well, I did that yesterday and posted that Trick or Treat was today (Tuesday). I was obviously a day off and hilarity ensued on our Facebook page. Cliff's notes version: a very special reader accused us of libel.

- Speaking of Trick-or-Treat, I'm about to go "old man" here, but what's with kids on Halloween nowadays? I don't know if this theme carries throughout Fort Thomas, but on my street, unless you are waiting out near the street with your candy, kids will not come to your door. In my day, we knocked and rang the door bell at EVERY SINGLE HOUSE. I'm sure our parents loved that.

Best Furniture Gallery:
Feast For Your Home
Sample assorted wines from StoneBrook Winery and enjoy a bourbon tasting offered by Rookwood Bar & Restaurant. Delectable hors d'oervres will be served by Bouquet, Center Table-Catering, Colonel De Gourmet Herbs and Spices, Oriental Wok, Pompilio's, and Virgil's Cafe.  Enjoy browsing the new collections and special holiday displays at Best Furniture Gallery. Also featuring live music from NKU Jazz Studies and mini massages by Mary Alice Walter, Licensed Massage Therapist.
Tickets may be purchased online by clicking the "BUY NOW" button for $25, or at the door for $30. (Proceeds to benefit Brighton Center)

For more information, please contact Becky Timberlake at (859) 491-8303 Ext. 2412 or 

Best Furniture Gallery will provide each attendee with an exclusive discount voucher good for 15% off any one Accessory/Seasonal Item purchased the night of the event. (Some items excluded). A generous portion of the sales from this offer will also benefit Brighton Center. Must be 21+ to be admitted to this event.

- The signage is up at the new DEPs location on Alexandria Pike in the old Moore's Hardware location. If you need liquor/beer now is the time to buy as they are liquidating their inventory. Tell them Fort Thomas Matters sent you.

- School traffic is claiming more frazzled nerves and lost tempers. This time at Moyer Elementary (my alma mater). Again, from the FTM Facebook page:

I witnessed two ladies fighting today at Moyer's school pickup over a parking space! There was yelling, curse words, and the threatening of calling the cops. They caused quite the scene with many spectators. I was in shock as were other bystanders. First, this behavior was shameful. Second, please get the loop finished at Moyer before they start killing each other!

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  1. Honestly, until the loop is built, I think FTP need to post an officer at Moyer every afternoon to assist with traffic and making sure people are following the posted parkings signs. It is very frustrating to want to pull up at 3-3:05 p.m. to just pick up a waiting child at the pick-up zone to find cars parked with no one in them. Cars also need to remember to stop at the crosswalk before school is out even if the guard isn't there so parents can cross. Maybe if people saw an office parked near school or an office standing outside, they would behave better. Sad to say, but true.